The Gerber viewer
built exclusively for Mac

Cuprum has full Gerber X2 supportFull Gerber X2 support

Cuprum comes in two versions:
a Community and a Pro edition (In App Purchase).
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The Gerber viewer
built exclusively for Mac

Cuprum has full Gerber X2 supportFull Gerber X2 support

Cuprum comes in two versions:
a Community and a Pro edition (In App Purchase).
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Cuprum screenshot on iMac


The Gerber viewer
built exclusively for Mac

Full Gerber X2 support

Cuprum comes in two versions:
a Community and a Pro edition (In App Purchase).
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What's new in Cuprum 2.0

Cuprum 2.0 nows comes with ODB++ import! It's also almost completely rewritten to be better prepared for the future. Editing of data is now possible and any imported or changed data can be exported to a new Gerber X2 dataset. Importing archives supports more compression types such as .tgz and 7-zip. Cuprum can now also be integrated in automated workflows using AppleScript.


Cuprum can be fully integrated into automated workflows using Script Editor and the AppleScript language.

Editable data

Using the new object inspector it’s now possible to edit the imported data.

Export Gerber X2

After importing various dataset and optionally making some changes the results can be exported as a new Gerber X2 dataset.

Import ODB++

Import ODB++ directly into Cuprum. Archived (zipped) or not, Cuprum can now directly import ODB++ data. The number of archive types that are supported also increased from only ZIP to ZIP, 7-Zip, BZip2, GZip, XZ and Tar.


Gerber X2, ODB++ and Excellon support

Cuprum is the first Gerber viewer for Mac with full Gerber X2 support, including verification of the MD5 checksum. Using the layer and object inspector all X2 attributes can be examined.

Besides Gerber X2 Cuprum can also import ODB++, Excellon and XNC. And when Cuprum detects a mismatch between the scale of your Excellon data en Gerber data, it wil try to make the Excellon data fit.

cuprum screenshot

The color of each layer is determined by the file function of the layer (Copper, Legend, etc).

Customize the colors of your layers and export them for your colleagues. Or get a head start by importing the colors from them.

Highlight connected copper

The new highlight connected copper command allows you to select a copper object, and Cuprum will highlight all copper that’s connected to it.

Highlight copper

This works across all layers and dimming intensity can be varied.

Invisible objects

Enabling the display of invisible (zero width) objects allows these normally hidden objects to be seen.

Invisible objects

Invisible objects are mostly used to indicate the edge (profile) of the PCB.

The supplied printing frames use zero width objects to position the frame on the page and to give a graphical indication of the drawing area.

Although the Gerber specification states that invisible objects should not be drawn, they can now be visualized to aid in trouble shooting.

Measurement tool

With the measurement tool you can measure distance in both dimensions, x and y, in the unit of your choice.

Using the snap functionality your measurements are exact.

cuprum screenshot

Multi page print jobs

Multi-page print jobs allow you to make a full documentation set with ease.

The new ‘match All’ option matches all applicable file functions, so you can now easily combine all Legend layers on a page using a single row. In combination with the new ‘Single page for each layer’ option each available Legend layer is printed on it’s own page. Frames can be included on the printout. Special strings in the frame are replaced with data from the print job, such as page counter, date and titles.

Print job settings can be stored and recalled.

Print Job

Navigation support

Intuitive navigation, no matter what input device you use.

Full zooming and navigation of the Gerber image with an intuitive interface.

You can use a trackpad, magic mouse, normal mouse or pen tablet. Even 3D mice from 3DConnexion are supported!

3d mouse from 3DConnexion

Object inspector

Selection of objects shows their properties in the updated object inspector. These properties can now also be edited

Object selection and inspection

Various tools are available for selection such as ‘Inside rectangle’, ‘Crossing line’ as well as ‘Connected Copper’.

Inspected objects can be filtered based on object type and layer.

From the object inspector, related objects can be selected by clicking the arrow button. Such as selecting all objects created with the same D-code aperture. For Gerber X2 files, selection is also possible based on Componet, Pin and Net information, if supplied by the file.


With the QuickLook plugin you can preview your files in Finder and other applications.

cuprum screenshot

Single layer mode

Need to focus on a specific layer? In single layer mode you can dim other layers or turn them off completely, so the layer of interest stands out. Dimmed layers can be drawn in color, grayscale or monochrome (all the same shade of gray).

single layer screenshot


Advanced snap support with haptic feedback on Force Trackpads.

‘Object’ and ‘Boundary’ snap modes allow precise measurements when the distance to measure doesn’t start or end at an endpoint.


Transparent viewing

Find hidden copper features, such as vias in copper regions.

You can choose to view everything transparent or only the regions (copper pours).

Transparent view mode

Configurable grid

Setup a grid with custom major and minor divisions.

Grid Configuration

Metal engine

Cuprum uses Metal for drawing, resulting in a smooth zoom and scroll experience.

Metal icon

Type ahead

Fast access to commands by typing some characters from the command.

Object selection and inspection

For instance, typing ‘th’ will match with Tools > Highlight Connected Copper.

Zoom to actual size

View your board at the right size.

The DPI of your monitor is taken into account, so actual size is actually actual size!

Pro vs Community edition

Cuprum comes in two editions: Community and Pro. The Pro features are provided via an In App Purchase.



€ 39,99

(€ 9,99 upgrade*)



Import ImportGerber X2
Export ExportGerber X2  
Automation/Scripting Automation/Scripting  
Measurements Measurements 
Measurementswith snap  
Select Select Basic
Select Crossing line  
Select Connected copper  
Select Related objects  
Select Clear objects  
Tool ToolHighlight connected copper  
ToolOffset layers  
Customisable grid Customisable grid 
All zoom options All zoom options 
Rotate/Flip Rotate/Flip 
3D mouse support 3D mouse support 
Color schemes Color schemesExport
Color schemesImport  
Single Layer mode Single Layer modeDimmed
Single Layer modeGrayscale
Single Layer modeSingle
Single Layer modeMonochrome
View mode View modeTransparent  
View modeAll dark  
View modeInvisible objects  
Configurable units Configurable units 
Print support Print supportMulti page  
Print supportSingle page (watermarked)  
Print supportBackground color  
Type ahead command access Type ahead command access  
QuickLook plugin QuickLook plugin 
Touchbar Touchbar
Line numbers for error messages Line numbers for error messages
Directly open ZIP files Directly open ZIP files
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*Upgrade pricing valid for purchasers of Cuprum 1.6. Purchasers of version 1.7 get 2.0 for free.



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